Success Stories

Riley Manly


On Sight

Riley Manly hopes his fledgling T-shirt business will one day provide much needed funds to support young people with mental health problems.

The 21-year-old design student from Whangarei completed the Enterprise Programme where he developed his skate and T shirt brand, On Sight.

It wasn't exactly what I expected but it was exactly what I wanted - I really enjoyed every step of the way and it was so informative, exciting and interesting.

Riley is being mentored by The Prince’s Trust Aotearoa New Zealand’s facilitator and mentor Ray Anderson; the entrepreneur behind Whangarei’s Wore&Piece clothing store, and brand UpNorth.

“I think the mentoring from Ray was the biggest thing for me,” Riley says. “Learning the ins and outs of what it’s actually like to do this stuff,” he adds.

Riley says he has been impacted by mental illness and would eventually like to give a percentage of sales to a mental health provider supporting young people.