Our Mentors

When participants from an Enterprise course choose to establish, or further, a business, they are matched with a mentor who offers one-to-one support to develop and grow their business.

The mentor helps the emerging entrepreneur initially solidify a business plan and prepare for a grant from the Trust. Details of new and exciting opportunities around mentoring and funding are due to be released early-mid 2022.

In the meantime: We’re welcoming excellent mentors and are creating opportunities for: 

  • Long-term relational mentors to form an ongoing relationship with a young person, who selects their mentor from our established network of trained volunteers. 
  • Short-burst specialist mentors who are available for targeted advice where relevant, for example: marketing, product, accounting, social media, scale, management, etc.

Our approach to mentoring is based on evidence, experience and aligns with excellent practice. We are part of the New Zealand Youth Mentoring Network.

More details coming soon.

The youth of today are our future. The vibrancy, energy and optimism that young people bring to entrepreneurship is motivating and fun to be part of. Learning from the hard lessons in business is crucial but a mentor who has been there before (and made those mistakes) can help smooth the path ahead with some advice and direction. We’re excited to see how the youth of today and tomorrow make our world a better, more sustainable and equitable place.

James Robinson along with his wife Cecilia, make up the Robinson Duo.

Both are The Prince’s Trust Aotearoa New Zealand mentors and James is currently on the Trust’s board while Cecilia is on maternity leave following the birth of their third child late last year. They are serial entrepreneurs; co-founders and now retired CEOs of My Food Bag and Tend Health is their latest start-up.